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Day Tours Terms Conditions faqs


Is it necessary to reserve seats in advance ? 

What time does Wicklow HALF DAY tour depart & return to Dublin ?

Are entrance fees into visitor sites & attractions included in ticket price ?

Whats not included in tour ticket price ?

Are there any discounts available ?

Is your online booking system secure ?

What are your terms and conditions ?


Do we enter the passage tomb at Newgrange ? 

What time does Newgrange tour depart & return to Dublin ?

Newgrange and Boyne Valley ticket - whats included ?


Advanced online booking

Yes you need to book well in advance online, our Wicklow Glendalough and Newgrange day tours from Dublin are unique. Day tours Unplugged offers you the opportunity to escape the large coach tours. Travel with like minded individuals with a small group "16 seats only per day". Advanced online booking is essential. Return to Day Tours Unplugged Terms and Conditions

Wicklow Glendalough Half day tours times

Wicklow Glendalough (Half-day tours) depart 13:00 am and returns to Trinity College 17:30 / 18:00 hrs. please note ► When you proceed to book your half day Wicklow Glendalough tour seat - You will have a number of pickup locations to choose from relating to this half day tour option. Return to Day Tours Unplugged Terms and Conditions

Entrance Fees & charges

When you book a Public full day or half day tour with Day Tours Unplugged you can be assured that all entrance fees and charges at your visitor attraction are included in the day tour ticket price. There are no hidden extra charges. Return To Day Tours Unplugged Terms and Conditions

What's not included in ticket price?

Lunch / refreshments & Graduates are not included in the cost of your day tour ticket. Return to Day Tours Unplugged Terms and Conditions

Discounts / special offers

We offer discounts on all of our day tours for groups, 10 - 16 persons if booked online Contact Us for Group rates. Return to Day Tours Unplugged Terms and Conditions

Secure online Booking & Confirmation of tour bookings

We provide a secure online booking platform for you to reserve and pay for your full day and half day tours from Dublin in advance. Once your payment has been authorised, you will receive a confirmation of your booking via e mail - the following information will be outlined in this e mail -

  • A copy of the booking you made
  • Your tour date will be confirmed
  • Pickup location departure time will be confirmed
  • Number of passenger seats will be confirmed
  • Amount charged in (Euro €) will be confirmed
  • Our company details ►Telephone ► e mail (should you need to contact us) 
  • There will be important information outlined in this e mail, you will need to print it and hand to the guide prior to departure. Return to Day Tours Unplugged Terms and Conditions


  • You need to be at the pickup location (as per your tour confirmation e mail)
  • You need to be there minimum 10 minutes before departure time (see confirmation) we depart on time every time.
  • Our vehicle's are clearly marked "Day Tours UNPLUGGED" it is your responsibility to be at your pickup point prior to departure. If in doubt ask driver / guide for passenger list to confirm you are on the correct bus / tour
  • 72 hours notice via e mail for all cancellations 
  • Valid cancellations received via e mail will be refunded less (15% handling fee)
  • Tickets are date specific and are NOT transferable
  • Only book a STUDENT ticket if you can provide a valid student ID (on the bus)
  • Please note it is illegal for infants to sit on an adults lap (if you show up on the tour date and this situation arises, we will refuse to allow you travel) no refund will be made in this case.
  • Routes may alter due to road closures (weather conditions / accidents)
  • We reserve the right to cancel tours due to insufficient numbers, we will where possible provide an alternative tour, if this is not possible we will arrange a total refund.

Always fill in all the required fields at time of booking (we will only use this information in order to contact you should there be any changes which affect your booking) Return to Day Tours Unplugged Terms and Conditions


Do we enter Newgrange passage tomb on our Day Tours

Yes we enter the 5000 year old passage tomb at Newgrange on a fully guided tour. There will also be free time to explore Bru na Boinne the interpretive centre. We also visit Monasterboice monastic settlement, which is home to Ireland's most spectacular Celtic and High crosses. During this day tour we shall also visit the ancient Druid site at the Hill of Tara. Return to Day Tours Unplugged terms and conditions

Newgrange tour times

Our Newgrange Boyne valley day tours depart from Dublin at 0820 am and returns to city centre circa 16:00 / 16:30 hrs. Return to Day Tours Unplugged terms and conditions

Entrance fees charges at Newgrange passage toumb

On our Public Newgrange Boyne valley tour from Dublin your ticket includes

  1. Entrance into Bru Na Boinne interperative centre
  2. Entrance into passage tomb plus guided tour
  3. Visit to Monasterboice plus guided tour
  4. Entrance and guided tour at the Hill of Tara. Return to Day Tours Unplugged terms and conditions

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