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Newgrange Tour & Boyne valley visitor centre exhibitions and visitor facilities

Newgrange visitor centre contains exhibitions that describe the society that created the Neolithic tombs in the Boyne valley, their homes, dress, food, tools and weapons. Great emphasis is placed throughout the exhibition on the building of the monuments; why they were built: how they were used; where the building stones were found and how these were moved to the site.

The audio–visual show deals primarily with the solar alignments in the Boyne Valley. The extensive exhibition also contains a partial full-scale replica of the chamber at Newgrange as well as a replica of one of the smaller sites at Knowth.

GPS co-ordinates
Latitude 53.694567 Longtitude -6.4463

Please note the following points during your Newgrange tour -

  • The Visitor centre is the starting point for all visits to Newgrange and Knowth passage tombs. There is no direct access onto the heritage site, in order to protect the UNESCO World Heritage Site for future generations.
  • Once you finish your visit at the Newgrange visitor centre, you will be escorted by an OPW heritage guide to the monuments, which is reached via a pedestrian bridge across the River Boyne.
  • Tickets into Newgrange cannot be pre-booked

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