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Wicklow Glendalough Day tours

By damian, Thursday, 25th September 2014 | 0 comments
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Fantastic Irish countryside, close to Dublin, book your seat on our award winning small group Wicklow Glendalough day tour from Dublin. See the very best of County Wicklow


Glendalough a brief history - In the sixth century, St. Kevin crossed the Wicklow mountains from Hollywood to Glendalough. Today this pilgrim path is known as St. Kevin's Way.

This track facilitated the development of Glendalough, so that within 100 years it had developed from a remote hermitage site into one of the most important monastic sites in Ireland.

Best small group Wicklow day tours from Dublin http://www.daytoursunplugged.ieIt is not known where the original settlement in the Glendalough Valley was located but was possibly in the same area as Reefert Church, on the south-eastern shore of the Upper Lake. Reefert was a sacred location as it was the burial place of kings and chiefs.

The cathedral, churches and famous round tower was constructed to the east of the lower lake.

Glendalough monastic settlement flourished and its success continued after St. Kevin died in 617AD. Monasteries in pre-Norman Ireland were a considerable economic force, and were sufficiently well organised as to be capable of withstanding periodic crises and famines.

With a lay population numbering approximately around 500-1,000 people. Many of the laypersons would have been employed by the monastery - tending flocks, tilling, sowing and harvesting. In addition to stores of treasure, most monasteries maintained substantial stocks of food.

Best small group Wicklow day tours from Dublin http://www.daytoursunplugged.ieSpend 2 hours off the mini coach on our Wicklow Glendalough day tours from Dublin.  like many other monasteries were often plundered throughout there turbulant history. The location of the Glendalough monastery, in a remote valley in an upland area, made it an easy target, and it was attacked many times between 775 and 1095 by both local tribes and Norse invaders. Usually the churches and houses were burned, but each time the monastery was rebuilt. That the monastery survived this constant onslaught is remarkable and is evidence of the large number of people living there as many would have been needed to rebuild after each attack.

Best small group Wicklow day tours from Dublin http://www.daytoursunplugged.ieWith the arrival of the Anglo-Normans a dramatic change occured within the political landscape of Ireland. Both ecclesiastical and political activity centred around Dublin. Subsequently, Glendalough was annexed to the diocese of Dublin and its importance declined.

A Day tour to Glendalough today, will without doubt allow you to explore one of the most spectacular heritage sites in all of Ireland. Enjoy its rugged landscapes, relax on the shores of its two glacial lakes, or simply stroll along its many walking trails. Our Wicklow Glendalough day tour departs Dublin daily and travels along the East coast before heading inland towards the monastic settlement at Glendalough, which is located deep within the Wicklow Mountains National Park.


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