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Day Tour from Dublin

By damian, Saturday, 17th January 2015 | 0 comments
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Your Wicklow Glendalough day tour from Dublin will be the highlight of your visit to Dublin. Glendalough, dates from the 6th century. Saint Kevin, established a remote monastic settlement in the valley of two lakes. This day tour from Dublin will allow you plenty of free time to enjoy some of the most spectacular Irish scenery along Ireland's east coast. Glendalough is located just 50 minutes South of Dublin, and is a one of the most spectacular monastic settlements in all of Ireland.

County Wicklow

Best small group day tour from Dublin http://www.daytoursunplugged.ieCounty Wicklow is known as the garden of Ireland. Located on the east coast just outside Dublin. Wicklow is the largest upland area in Ireland. It offers stunning scenic coastline, soaring mountains and peaceful forests. Wicklow is rich in ancient religious and more recent military history. County Wicklow offers some of Ireland's most spectacular countryside. Travel in a small group with 16 like minded independent travellers, on this day tour from Dublin. Why travel with 50 other persons? The route we take is off the beaten track, and our award winning day tour are designed specifically for small groups.


The name of County Wicklow (and the town as well) is taken from the Irish ‘Cill Mhantain’ or ‘Church of the Toothless One”. It was established by the Vikings some time in the latter half of the ninth century. The story beBest small group day tour from Dublin http://www.daytoursunplugged.iehind the name comes from an Irish folk tale about Saint Patrick, in which he and his comrades, travelling by sea, tried to land at Wicklow and were assaulted by a group of local citizens. One of the group lost his front teeth in the skirmish, giving rise to the name of the locality.

Bronze Age settlements can be found in the area and serve as evidence of early human occupation.
The Norman's, whose influence is still widely evident across the region, occupied County Wicklow extensively. Common surnames in County Wicklow include: Kelly, Mc Keough, O’Byrne and O’Toole. 


Glendalough is in the heart of county Wicklow, this beautiful green valley, with two shimmering glacial lakes nestled between lush, sloping mountains and noisy waterfalls. Its name derives from the Irish (Gaelic) Gleann Dá Locha, meaning “valley of the two lakes.”

The sheer beauty of the landscape here makes it easy to understand why Wicklow is often referred to as “the Garden of Ireland”. This spectacular landscape is a must see, your day tour from Dublin allows you 2 hours free time to explore this historic location.

Like so many Irish havens, Glendalough is rich in heritage, having been founded as a monastic settlement by St. Kevin, around 700AD. The community went on to become a European monastic capital in the Middle Ages, when Ireland was known as the “Land of Saints and Scholars”.

Many buildings dating from this era add both beauty and magic to the site. Famous among these is a 34-metre high round tower, probably built in the 11th century. The tower’s girth is also impressive, and it has been exceptionally well preserved, in contrast with similar structures throughout the country.
The remains of a cashel (small castle), a cathedral, several stone churches, and many Celtic crosses and other embellished grave markings can also be seen.

The area’s geographical isolation, amid the sparsely populated Wicklow Mountains, perhaps explains why the round tower was never sacked during the waves of invasions and wars suffered by the Irish from the Middle Ages onwards.

Indeed, this isolation is also why St. Kevin founded his hermitage here, as he reputedly came from the more prosperous farmlands of Kildare, but desired a home of Best small group day tour from Dublin http://www.daytoursunplugged.ieprayerful solitude. The sense of “getting away from it all” is retained in Glendalough today; the area is popular with pilgrims and walkers, and there are many well-marked walking routes of varying lengths around the upper and lower glacial lakes.

Glendalough rarely feels crowded or touristic. Join our unique Wicklow day tour from Dublin, explore this magical valley in the company of 16 fellow travellers. Let us take you on a personal guided walking tour of one of Ireland's premiere heritage sites. Day Tours Unplugged offers you, one of the best ways to experience Glendalough and County Wicklow, during your visit to Dublin.


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